SASS with Visual Studio Part 2 Features and Syntax

Tags: css, sass, visual studio

SASS is a super-set of CSS, that means, any existing CSS that you already wrote will just work. What we usually do, is paste any legacy CSS (if any) to our SASS file and take it from there. I’ve posted few examples of the syntax below. In my next post, I will focus on the real-world usage of SASS. more

SASS with Visual Studio Part 1 Introduction

Tags: css, sass, visual studio

Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (SASS) aims to make writing CSS easy, re-usable and less repetitive. The new SCSS (Sassy CSS) syntax makes use of variables, mixins, nested rules and inheritance to achieve this goal. Furthermore, I will show you how to use compass to leverage in-built functionality. This series of posts will not argue between SASS and LESS, it will be a quick guide on how to get up and running with SASS within VS and how SASS can help you. more