Deep Dive into ASP.NET Bundling and Minification

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The new **System.Web.WebPages** assembly that ships with the latest MVC4 contains a pretty cool feature that lets you override the current browser capabilities. Sure, most modern browsers let you set a custom user agent string out of the box or via extensions. However, there are certain scenarios, where you would want to switch the user agent on the server side. That’s where the **BrowserHelpers** class comes in handy. more

Bundling and Minification with ASP.NET 4.5

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Minimising the number of requests the page has to perform can have a considerable effect on your site’s performance. IE6 and IE7 both limit the number of concurrent requests to 2, IE8 can handle up to 6. There is a lot you can to improve the initial load speed speed – one of which is bundling all your CSS and JS into two separate files. How much of a difference it could do. Well, as it turns out up to 30seconds on slower connections. more

Auto Wire-Up Your Model Binders ASP.NET MVC

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Model binding in MVC attempts to map values from IValueProviders to your specified model. The value providers (FormValueProvider, QueryStringValueProvider, HttpFileCollectionValueProvider, RouteDataValueProvider, JsonValueProviderFactory … ) abstract the actual value retrieval and binders then handle the value mapping onto the model. You can create custom model binders to abstract and centralise complex mapping logic that would otherwise end up in your controllers or services. When dealing with a larger number of binders, it is good to refactor common logic and enable wiring up of the new binders easily. Instead of having to register each binder one-by-one in global or prefix the type in the actions, we can create our own model binder broker to replace the default MVC DefaultModelBinder. more

SASS/SCSS and Compass Part 4 Spriting

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Statistically Awesome Style Sheets with Compass can help you easily generate sprites. Not only that, it will re-generate the images, re-calculate the position and update the CSS every time you update the source images. This post explains the basics and aims to address the most common scenarios when creating sprites. more

Setting Properties In Models With Strongly Typed Model Filters ASP.Net MVC C#

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I like strongly typed view models in MVC. Typical structure of my site in Razor View Engine includes a page base model that is used in the Layout template and then I use inheritance to add properties to each model or commonly re-used properties. There are various reasons why to avoid dynamic in your models, besides the fact that you cannot use dynamic in master frame using razor. more

SASS with Visual Studio Part 2 Features and Syntax

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SASS is a super-set of CSS, that means, any existing CSS that you already wrote will just work. What we usually do, is paste any legacy CSS (if any) to our SASS file and take it from there. I’ve posted few examples of the syntax below. In my next post, I will focus on the real-world usage of SASS. more